Monday, February 21, 2011

paisley hypnotics

YES. the return of psychedelic hippie van is BACK in action and willing to serve some entertainment for your eyes. Sorry for the long delay. From now on, I'll blog when I feel inspired and amazed. This isn't any Xanga.
ly, I've had a mad craving for the Allman Brothers music. yUM.
I mean, just look at the
m. Looks like their preaching the southern rock gospel.

On another note, I saw the recently posted BONNAROO 2011 line up! It looks hella sweet. Flo+The Machine, Gregg Allman, Beirut, Mumford&Sons, Dr. John, Black Keys, the newly reformed Buffalo Springfield with S.Stills&Neil Young, MyMorningJacket & MORE! $250 ticket=so worth it. The price of all those bands to see individually would be so much more expensive. I need this.

My pal Jannise came over the day before last and did an OWL photoshoot for her photography class. Almost every owl in this apartment was used.

stick it to the minions.

keep it real.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Femme Domestica

The latest craze in my modern, vintage obsessed world - Pyrex cookware. I need as much as I can find for my future kitchen and apartment this fall. I went searching around Columbus yesterday and stumbled upon a few pieces here and there, at Flower Child and even Good Will Thrift Store on High Street. Flower Child is an amazing get away, but sadly is too overpriced. Luckily at Good Will I found a mod blue cassarole dish for $4 and two large soup mugs for $1 a piece! Thrift stores and garage sales are where it's at to find all the best deal$. Speaking of which, my bebes Andrea, Elizabeth, and Katherine are coming down to the German Village Garage sale with me this weekend! Should be a blast. The best way to market an item is to sell it used, which produces less waste and is CHEAPER for the consumer.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Exams have been completed, dorm particles have been moved. IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME. Time to relax (for I have been in school for literally 2 1/2 years since high school graduation, with no real big breaks in between). There are many exciting events coming up this summer. I'm getting a job at a bead shop and am still searching for another job (or two). Also, the Short North GARAGE SALE is the first weekend in June. Tiny vintage and antique treasures can be found there! Maybe I'll find things for Colin, Vickie and my apartment in the fall. I LOVE SUMMER. I need TO READ MORE. Comfest is late June, life is good.
This Sunday is MOTHER'S DAY. This goes out to you mom, thanks for birthing me and replicating your genes! Yay genetic diversity. Love you.
I really miss everyone back in BG. I feel like I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to before I left. We'll just have to make it up this summer by getting together. Aside that, I've had some of the best family time I've ever had.